Extracts from Rundt om Runa

Rundt om Runa af 1910

Note: many of the statements in this publication are contradicted elsewhere.

p 22
Knud Degn built Ran for himself in 1907 and later sold her to his friend Gerhard Rønne. Rønne wrote some exciting stories about a trip to Rugen aboard in a snowstorm in the Easter of 1907.

Runa’s constructors.
Gerhard Peter Rønne, born 1879, son of a master cabinetmaker in Copenhagen. He was educated, like his father, as a cabinetmaker but later took an education as an architect, graduating in 1907. He was employed by Stadsarkitekten in Copenhagen, although not exclusively. He drew though the years many villas, factories, offices and farm buildings. Rønne became particularly well known for having drawn Shellhuset in 1932, which later burnt after the English bombardment of 1945. Rønne was a member of Copenhagen Amateur Sailing Club in 1896 and of the Royal Danish Yacht Club in 1897. He became known for his Runa boats and long distance cruising accounts. Some of his passages include those to England, Holland, sognefjorden and bottenhavet. The museum is in possession of Rønnes first account of his journey in Runa I in 1910, where he sailed from Skovshoved to Lowestoft in England and back again in his three week holiday. Considering there was no motor onboard, it was good going, but this also say something of the boat’s high quality.
Rønne contributed through numerous juries and committees to the development of sail sport, for example he was present on the panel of judges at the choice of the Nordic folk boat in 1941.
Knud Degn, born 1880. Trained civil engineer. He was a recognised figure in Danish sail sport with many honorary offices. Degn was like his friend Rønne, a member of KAS and KDY. He was a hand aboard Nurdug II who won OL silver in 1912 and 6m Bonzo who won OL silver in 1924. Degn sailed many races for Denmark in France and USA.

P18, 3rd paragraph
Nielsens boat yard was mainly engaged in the construction of pleasure craft and the slip lay outside the harbor by the southern quay.

Extract from Rønne’s Obituary
Death has taken one of sail sports true friends and helpers, since the passing away of boat builder Nielsen of Skovshoved.
our well known boat constructers looked to Skovshoved, safe in the knowledge that there a great amount is done to attain the highest quality.

Translation by G H Gilbert


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