Runa, along with Ran II was built at Skovshoved yard in Denmark in the year 1910. Gerhard Rønne drew the plans with engineer Knud Degn, apparently identically, and based on the brand new international 7 meter R rule. Runa was built for Rønne, Ran II for Degn. Neither of them had any intention of racing; they based the design on the new rule as it was assumed this would produce a worthy boat.

Runa is today a museum boat on display at Danmarks Museum for Lystsejlads in Svendborg. She was overtaken in 1992 and was overhauled by the museum, and later given a new sternpost, keel and galbord amongst other pieces.

Runa - built by N. H. Nielsen in 1910 at the Neptun yard in Skovshovet.

LOD 9.72m
Beam 2.34m
Draught 1.6m
Deplacement 4.9 ton
Sail area 60m2 (main, staysail, yankee and topsail)

The boat today is in fine condition, although she wanted a loving hand to bail her out at the time the photographs were taken.



  1. nice blog, Giles. Great 'photos too.
    Why is the handsome Jespa on the boat- is it his? Or were you visiting it with him when you were in Denmark?

  2. Hi there.
    Nice to see people take interest in what you do. I am the skipper of Runa and spend 7 years working on her to take her up to this standard. There is som nice fotos of her on Svendborg Classic Regattas homepage. One of them is here:
    Best regards
    Torben Ethelfeld

  3. pete radclyffe1 June 2011 at 07:35



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