Runa IV

Runa IV 1918 - Skovshoved

L 10.73
beam 2.35
draught -

Sail Area 72m2 (information fresh off the press from 1918)

April 2011

Runa IV restored 2011 images and lines

March 211 - Developments
February 2011 - Developments
Jan/Feb 2011 - Developments
Steamed frames

January 2011 - Recent Developments

current images

Runa IV is currently undergoing work in Brest, France. She appears to have been rigged as a yawl, either at birth, or at least before 1920. In this respect, as well as her size, she sets herself apart from her siblings. In 1937 it is known there was a swedish Albin inboard motor in her, although I don't know whether or not this too was a later modification.

From 1937 until 2009 she lay in or around San Francisco I believe, where she raced until at least 2008. Although it is likely she was rigged as a gaff yawl in 1918, with or without her mizzen, in 2009 she had been rerigged as a marconi sloop, her bow sprit absent.

The wonderful Kongelig Dansk Yachtklub have sent copies of their year books where we can read about the boats and their rigs. (below)



So Runa IV was a yawl in 1919.

News published via a french site:


  1. Jose Vozone ( March 2011 at 22:31

    Until 1974, and since the 1960's, Runa IV sailed under Portuguese colours. She was initially owned by Ms. Maria Cristina de Mello and sailed by her son Manuel Champalimaud, who ordered a major refitting. In the mid seventies she was sold to mr Jorge Vozone who subsequently donated the boat to his brother Fernando, my father. Runa IV was sailed extensively during the following years until being sold in 1974 to new French owners who, I believe, sailed her to the French Mediterranean coast.

    I am currently gathering further details of Runa IV's life, during her stay in Portugal and will share them with you as they become available.

  2. The previous writer, Jose Vozone, commenting on Runa IV, has brought attention to the confusion between the Runa boats. What appeared to be the IV may well have been the VI. The comment is being researched.

  3. Runa IV was brought to San Francisco from Europe in the 1940's by Dr. Perry Bonner who had her re-rigged as a Marconi sloop, absent the bowsprit. She was a famously fast boat that regularly raced against the larger Farallon Clippers on San Francisco Bay. In 1950 or 1951, I believe, our father, Peter Pike, bought the boat and for more than thirty years sailed the Bay and nearby coast, often making the trip up to Tomales Bay in the foggy summers. During the 1980's and 1990's we raced her in the Master Mariner's regatta for wooden boats on occasion, as well as regular Tuesday night races off Sausalito.

    She was sold in the early '80's and ended up in Pismo Beach for a time. Sometime in the early 2000's, she had become derelict in the East Bay but was rescued by a local boatyard owner who restored her. She went on display at least once during a large public event maybe 10 years ago. My older brother, Peter, may still be in possession of Dad's log book that recorded many of his explorations during the 50's through the early 80's.

    Drummond Pike (

  4. i think i might be in the possesion of an old runa like cutter, its build in skovshoved at N.H. nielsen Neptun yard im pretty sure in 1906 and is called Ane, a modern cabin has been build and the rigging changed to bermuda, but the hull still looks very similar. the runa project looks very tasteful.


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