Gerhard Peter Rønne - Danish architect born before the turn of the twentieth century. Originally a furniture maker by trade, like his father. He later went on top study architecture at the royal danish academy for arts. Rønne became known for pioneering longer distance trips in smaller boats. His tours to England in his cutters were  unusual in their distance, and as he explained in an interview, only possible in the short time allocated thanks to the Kiel Canal, or Kaiser-Wilhelm-Kanal as it was then known. His exploits were mostly realised during the three weeks of summer holiday he allowed himself. During these three weeks, along with his crew, he managed the crossing getting back in tilme to continue his work.

The inspiration behind the designs he claimed was the voyage from Norway in Ran I. Alongside his colleage/friend Knud Degn, he drew Ran II and Runa, both built in 1910 by Brothers Neilson in Skovshoved. Ran II was for Degn, Runa for Rønne. There may have been assistance given by engineer Alfred Benzon at some point throughout the drawing of the 8 boats of which I have records.

The Royal Danish Yacht Club seems to have been a meeting point for Rønne and his associates.


The same man or another of the same period and name?


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